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About LPI

Business Overview & Marketing Philosophy

Life insurance professionals and financial planners are witnessing an unusual set of phenomena with their clients, which happen to be entirely consistent with the philosophy of Leaders Partners, Inc. The phenomena are a flight to guarantees, a flight to safety, and a flight to comfort. These phenomena are a function of the context of our times: interest rates continue their inexorable climb from historical lows, the equity markets have whipsawed even the most cautious of investors, and the political world is an uncertain place. Concurrent with this context is a rapidly growing Leaders Partners, Inc. Our business is designed to have a sharp focus on relationships. We’re concentrating on carefully selected carriers to maximize our production clout, but more importantly to cultivate deep personal relationships with the underwriters, medical directors, advanced sales personnel—all the decision makers. Similarly, we’re concentrating our marketing efforts on a limited number of producers to maximize the relationship building experience. A limited number of producers means our service never becomes stressed and our internal marketing people (absolutely the best in the business!) will always have time to talk to you, work on your behalf and provide response times other marketing companies can only dream about.

The LPI focus on relationships is service dependent on such a personal level that we know we run the risk of looking like a throwback—a perfectly acceptable risk in this sometimes impersonal high tech industry. We seek personal interaction with you. From a simple term proposal to the most complex advanced sales packaging, we’re eager to visit with you and get it right the first time, with resulting output you need and value. The most pleasant relationships are always personal, and that’s what we seek. Our producers are comfortable with us. Our service provides a climate to promote comfort, but so does our culture. We’ve got a small group of people here at LPI who like each other, and like coming to work in the morning—and that transfers in personal, phone and email communication where you can hear or sense the smile on the other end.

We also enjoy great relationships with our carriers. We have developed highly beneficial relationships with the underwriters and medical directors at our companies. We know the underwriting business and we can communicate with our underwriters and doctors proficiently, on an underwriter-to-underwriter basis. We’re cordial and professional—never confrontational—and the result is excellent preferred and impaired risk underwriting with superior products. We’ve chosen our carriers to meet product requirements across a broad spectrum, and to meet our rigid personal and time service standards. We’ve also chosen them for their financial integrity. The Leaders Partners carriers are all substantial financial institutions with excellent ratings. Our carriers are also market leaders in performance and pricing, from term, u.l. and participating whole life to LTC, DI and annuities.

Our portfolio of products and carriers respond resoundingly to consumer calls for flights to safety and guarantees, and our culture and business structure offer you the comfort to make your business life a pleasant experience. We’re delighted to have you with us.
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